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Yoga 1-2-1's

Originally yoga was taught by one teacher directly to one student. The importance of individualising the yoga experience for each students was considered the most important part of the teaching. 

Why take a private class?

For some a private yoga class is simply a happier proposition, for students new to yoga there maybe concerns over being in a group class, it can feel a little intimidating or distracting. From my own personal experience it took me about a year of home practice with a DVD before I ventured into a class.  Some students aren't accustomed to movement and are concerned about their level of flexibility and being able to keep up during a group class.  

Others may have injuries or medical issues to contend with which are better served in a more controlled environment.  Where its easier to define the content of the class, at the same time being encouraged to find your boundaries.  

For some life long yogis, there maybe an injury that you need to work around or simply a new posture that is proving a challenge and needs some careful Yoga and Anatomy understanding. 

What to expect

Class durations are offered in 30 minute slots at a time that suits you and my teaching schedule.  Please use the Contact option within the website and we can arrange a time to suit for discussion.

Each new student will be recive a telephone call to review goals, personal medical history and discuss any concerns.


Private yoga classes give a platform to advise and create an approach to suit you. Tailored content and focus can be provided in time slots as short as 30 minutes.  Whether you are an experienced yogi or a complete beginner, trying to master a challenging pose or need advise on restorative techniques an ongoing programme can be developed for you.


Scheduled to suit your personal timetable, with early morning, lunchtime, evening or weekend time slots available 7 days per week.


An ideal space to develop and deepen your practice.  Private yoga classes are a perfect learning environment to develop a home practice, deepen your understanding of yogic philosophy and aspects such as meditation and breathing practices.