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What is PIYO

Live Streamed PIYO via Zoom

Class duration

45 minute class


PIYO is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates.  In its most common form it has been choreographed into a low impact cardio workout.

But I’m old school and years ago I was introduced to something called Yogalates which never really caught on mainstream.  It was described as “A brilliant combination of the gentle stretch of yoga and the core-building strength of Pilates, Yogalates is quite simply the perfect East meets West fitness answer for just about everyone”.  So if you take this brilliant combination and add a little pace, you could justifiable call it PIYO, which is exactly what I did. I’m not saying its unique, but its effective and accessible and safe.

Suitable for

Level 1 Students - (less than 12 months regular weekly practice), people coming back to yoga after a break, people recovering from injury or illness.

Level 2 Students - intermediate (more than 12 months regular weekly practice). People with a high level of fitness and mobility.

Not Suitable for

Pre and Postnatal students

Zoom classes will consist of a mixture of verbal instruction, physical demonstration and instructor lead cues.

Always practice with awareness of how your body feels, any instant discomfort or pain needs to be avoided. A regular practice is about cultivating steadiness in the breath, body and mind.