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Class Etiquette and Useful Tips

Class Etiquette and Useful Tips

What to tell your teacher

Communication is a good thing.  Let me know if you have any injuries, new health issues, if you are pregnant or any other concerns so that I can work safely with you.

Zoom Yoga Classes are Different

Whereas the energy of a studio may have been sacred, the energy in a Zoom meeting can be very different.  We are social animals and for some this can be the only interaction with follow humans for the entire day. It can be a much valued chance to catch up with friends and have a chat and check on peoples well being.  If you wish to take part then as you enter the meeting leave your video and sound on.  The teacher will mute the class when it is ready to start and you are asked to keep it muted unless you have a question or are asked by the teacher.

Zoom Tutorials

There are many helpful Zoom tutorials on You-Tube and there are tutorials within the application itself.  Once you have downloaded and opened the application, look to the top right hand corner of your browser page and look for the option - Resources.  From the drop down menu you can find Video Tutorials.

What to Wear

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing which doesn’t restrict movement.  Layers are good and most sports clothing is suitable ( just be careful of bulbous seams to the rear of leggings or bottoms, as you spine / sacrum will roll over this point and it can be painful ).  Have some warm socks handy for the final part of the class. Yoga is practiced in bare feet as a safety issue but also to allow you to feel connected with the ground below you.

To Prop or Not To Prop

You will need a good quality yoga mat.  Working on a hard floor or carpet is uncomfortable and could be a hazard to you.  Yoga mats are available from many dedicated yoga websites.  These generally have a better selection and more advice as too which type of mat is most suitable for you.  Bricks and Blocks, are not essential but can make reaching the floor or propping up limbs considerably easier.  A folded thick blanket can be a good prop to have for seated and resting postures.  Even cushions can be used for some classes. A strap or soft belt can be useful to have available.

Class suitability

Most classes are suitable for all levels of experience although I recommend that complete beginners do a Beginners’ Course or 1 to 1 session first if possible. Class descriptions can be found underneath each class title before you book. Please let me know if you are a complete beginner.  If you are unsure if a particular class will be suitable for you before booking then send me an email and we can have a chat.

Practice Awareness

With any type of movement class there is a small risk when participating.  To maximise your safety ensure you have space around your mat to work with that is clear of clutter.  Place you mat close to an unobstructed wall if you think you will be challenged by standing balance postures, so that you can have a hand outstretched to assist.  Reduce foot traffic, little people and furry friends can cause a loss of focus and accidents do happen!

Arrive 5 – 10 minutes before class

Arriving a few minutes early to give yourself time to settle before the class starts.  I understand that occasionally things happen. If you are a little late, please enter the space quietly and join the class with minimum disruption to fellow students. Take a few minutes to sit and connect with your breath before joining in with the practice.

Mobile Phones

Please turn off your mobile phone if possible.  This is time to focus on you and you’re wellbeing.  The body and mind need space to reset.

Eating and Drinking

Usual advice is to avoid eating a heavy meal for at least two hours before practice. Some days I find this is not enough personally and even a light meal can cause problems.  Having said that I have seen someone consume a chicken wrap and a pint of beer immediately before a class and sail through without issue, but is likely to not be the best practise.  Have a water bottle handy in case you get desperate during the class, but if possible come to the class well hydrated and avoid drinking large quantities immediately before a class starts.