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  • Meditation for beginners by Will Donnelly

    Beginners Meditation

    Fri, 5 June, 2015

    The two biggest mistakes we make when trying to start a meditation practice. Saying we cannot clear our mind of thoughts, so why try?; and saying we don’t have enough time. Our brains are wired to simply pulse thoughts and emotions in a continual flow, sleeping or awake, so let the foundation of your practice be to allow the thoughts rather than fight them. As for making time, well 3 minutes is all you need.

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  • The journey begins

    Mon, 1 June, 2015

    The very first yoga class you attend may leave you feeling different to how you felt as you entered the room. Not an unusual feeling.  Firstly there are many different styles of yoga, which may have a different emphasis. Not surprising then that each class needs to be taken for what it gave in that moment and nothing else.

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  • How to start Journals

    Tue, 28 April, 2015

    There has been plenty of text written about the benefits and how to write journals created over the years.

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  • Myofacia explained

    Sun, 26 April, 2015

    You may be noticing the word “fascia” (aka connective tissue) is a hot topic right now in all body related fields. But before we get to why fascia matters to athletes, here is a brief primer about why it’s getting so much attention these days.

    First, many think of fascia as a glorified body stocking - a seamless piece of tissue that wraps around you just underneath the skin. While this is true of the superficial fascia, it’s important to understand it is a richly multi-dimensional tissue that forms your internal soft tissue architecture.

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