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About Vinyasa Yoga

Trained with "YogaWorks" - Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 

Classes designed to enhance strength and flexibility, drawing awareness to the breath which then focuses the mind bringing it into the present.  The initial phase centres the students focus, draws the students mind inward, and awakens the breath.  During this period the teacher may discuss the theme for the class which could be physical (a peak pose) or non physical (a philosophical yogic teaching).  The class is then taken into an opening warm up to loosen the muscles and start pumping blood and oxygen around the body.  Sun salutations (a dynamic sequence of postures) follow to deepen the breath and to increase heat in the muscles, variations are sometimes used to focus on the forthcoming peak pose, or simply to keep the class focused. Standing asanas work the entire body providing an understanding of where the body and mind are in time and space.  The peak pose or heat climax of the class will vary depending on the level of the class being taught.  Generally a few additional preparatory poses are provided to break down the physical actions needed for the peak pose. The cool down section of the class will provide seated postures and provide an opportuniy to deepen the students understanding of their personal practice.  This is followed by a restorative final phase to bring a sense of peace and balance that can be taken out of the class for the remainder of the day.

Trained with "appleyoga" - Mixed level Vinyasa Flow Yoga,

The appleyoga approach to Vinyasa Flow is a distillation of years of study and a lifetime of movement practice. Katy Appleton's appleyoga is an intelligent and transformational methodology that is easy to learn and helps people to go deep into their practice with lightness and grace.  It is bio-mechanically savvy, features key actions for empowerment and freedom in the body, and is grounded in principles of sequencing that allow people to soar in every class.

Trained with "Camyoga" - Hot Yoga 

Hot26 is a sequence of postures practised in high temperatures in specially designed studios.  Classes are described as either Beginners Hot26 - (a 75 minute class), Hot26 - 60 or Hot26 - 90.  Emphasis will always be on proper alignment, technique, breath, mental focus and safety.  The postures are basic and easy to understand but are always challenging.  The pace of the class is fast and you will work up a big sweat.  The sequence develops a healthy and mobile spinal column as the class focuses on spinal flexion, extension and lateral extension. Students also develop a greater sense of respect for their bodies and minds.