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About David Upson

Over the past 30 years David’s background has taken in being a father, competitive sportsman, engineering and the world of IT.  He found that yoga helped with both the physical and mental stress of all these activities.  David’s journey into teaching yoga became inevitable shortly after his 40th when he finally had to concede that back pain was affecting his everyday life.  "I took up yoga for physical relief initially" gradually his practise started to teach him how to be honest and respect himself, “our bodies teach us a lot, we just need to learn to listen, else it will take things into it's own hands” he says.  The many benefits yoga has brought him is something he dearly wishes to share.  Teaching yoga, particularly to beginners and people not so in touch with their bodies, he sees as a privilege and always puts a smile on his face.  David’s teaching uses simple language with a focus on alignment, safety, clear explanations of why and how, all mixed in with a little fun and humour.  

David's favourite quote is "the teacher is just a guide, the artist is the student".