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About Core Yoga

Live Streamed Core Yoga via Zoom

Class duration

60 minute class


Core Yoga classes follow a well developed themed structure.  The start of each class will be given to a short period of time focusing on the practice ahead and letting the breath settle. Creating a connection between the mind and body.  This is followed by a series of intelligently sequenced warmup asanas (postures) where preparatory poses are used to support any peak poses or sequences. Building into challenging asanas sequences, variations on Sun Salutations are used to strengthen, test balance and endurance, increase mobility and flexibility.  The emphasise of Core Yoga is to build strength from within using postures that challenge alignment and integrate the entire body into a movement or structure. Expect a lot of downward “dawgs”, planks, arm based postures, abdominal work and sweaty bodies. Ladder sequences are also frequently used, a method of building and layering progressively more complex sequences.  Floor based asanas are used to cool the body down and bring equilibrium to the mind, before a restorative final phase. 

Suitable for 

Level 2 Students - intermediate (more than 12 months regular weekly practice). People with a high level of fitness and mobility. Students focused on a highly physical practise.

Not Suitable for

Pre and Postnatal students

Zoom classes will consist of a mixture of verbal instruction, physical demonstration and instructor lead cues.  Always practice with awareness of how your body feels, any instant discomfort or pain needs to be avoided. A regular practice is about cultivating steadiness in the breath, body and mind.