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About Class Levels

What class level is right for you?

Time to be honest with yourself, which in itself is being Yogic.  Nothing is more important than choosing the correct level of class to start, but remember that everyday is not the same, so once you have some experience under your belt you can try other levels if and when the urge grabs you. Below is some general guidance on class levels and workshops.

If you are at all concerned for any reason than contact me directly to discuss your personal goals.

Yoga classes  can be 45 minutes to 1.5hrs in duration

Level 1 - Beginners Classes

A beginners class can be a powerful, learning experience in which you will literally re-discover how your body works, and what it can do, in a good way!  These class are designed to give you the time and support to understand and practise proper alignment of postures (asanas) and breathing techniques.  Additionally you will build confidence, strength, flexibility and learn how to tap into a more calm state of mind.

Level 2 - Intermediate Classes

Level 2 classes are designed to expand on your strength, stamina and cardiovascular function to a degree.  Gains in flexibility taken by advancing from previous levels allow you to master advanced postures like inversions, arm balances, and backbends, as well as demanding sequences.  Also, expect your teacher to refer to the postures in Sanskrit more frequently. 

Level 3 - Advanced Classes

You need to be strong, bold and free from injury to tackle these classes.  Level 3 classes are geared towards advanced students, teachers and teacher training graduates. Most students at this level already have many years of serious yoga study under their belts. Level 3 is the right choice for self-directed students seeking an environment to practice at the highest level.

Workshops (1.5 to 3hrs)

Level 1-2 - Beginners Workshops

These workshops are designed to build on the fundamental postures introduced in Level 1 through a more challenging and creative use of sequencing postures. Level 1-2 is also ideal for learning and practicing the basics of more challenging postures like arm balances and inversions in a safe teaching environment. This is done by breaking more advance postures down into component parts allowing strength and balance to be integrated into your body.

Level 2-3 Intermediate Workshops

Level 2-3 workshops presume students are familiar with intermediate yoga postures (including inversions and backbends). In these sessions you will use your knowledge of postures and breathing to practice exciting, physically demanding and challenging sequences and variations. The pace of these classes is faster, you will go deeper, it is recommended that you have a year of solid yoga practise under your belt before you join these workshops.