Welcome to DUYOGA - UPPY Yoga

My name is David and I'm the owner and founder of DUYOGA - UPPY Yoga.  I have been teaching yoga since 2014, registered and insured with Yoga Alliance Professionals in the UK as an Experienced Yoga Teacher. 

As the owner and founder of DUYOGA - UPPY Yoga I have qualified as a Yoga Sports Coach with the Institute of Yoga Sports Science. As well as being a qualified YorkWorks teacher, appleyoga teacher and Hot Yoga teacher.

A little about me

I started my own regular practice in 2001 and like many people I came to yoga through necessity.  For me life was becoming increasingly difficult to navigate when even the simple task of putting on a pair of shoes, took time and caused pain.  A very old back injury had come back to haunt me. Yoga has definitely changed the direction of my life physically and emotionally for the better.

I’d like the opportunity to help others reap the benefits of a physical practice that can lead to improved mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance.  Keeping your body supple keeps you young and more adaptive to the challenges we all face as the years roll by.  My favorite yoga quote would be "the teacher is just a guide, the true artist is the student".